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Hypnosis and

other Protocols

Single Session - $125

Session lasts from 60 - 90 minutes

(first session is often 90 min)

Hypnosis and

other Protocols


Four or more Sessions - $100 ea 

Session lasts from 60 - 90 minutes

(first session is often 90 min)

Performance Coaching

$75 per hour

Sessions can last from 2 - 3 hours (usually once a week as per client's  individual needs)

Most issues and challenges can be resolved in only one session. First sessions sometimes last longer than 60 minutes so that I can gather adequate information about your concerns. I also teach all of my clients self-hypnosis so that they can reinforce and enhance the behaviors and beliefs that have changed during a session.


My goal is to enable transformational changes as efficiently as possible. However, some issues such as weight loss management have several treatment components and require up to four sessions for lasting change.

Performance & Career Coaching is a fantastic way to achieve long term performance goals - both personal and professional. Are you wanting to write a book, become a powerful public speaker, break into the entertainment industry, or lower your golf score?

I help you achieve clarity around your ultimate goal as well as your milestone goals. We'll develop powerful strategies to overcome your obstacles. I'll also give you proven tools such as guided visualization meditation and self-hypnosis to ensure your success.   

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