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Do you ever…

Feel that your performance is “forced,” untruthful, or not completely “in the moment?"



Find it difficult to concentrate, focus, and get into “the zone” when you need to?



Get overly nervous at auditions and know that you could have done better?


Have trouble memorizing your script or remembering your lines on stage or set?


Feel stuck at your current skill level and frustrated with your career progress?

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I'll show you… 

How to tap into your unconscious memories to give your characters depth and real life emotions that are authentic and truthful.


Techniques that will eliminate distractions and sharpen your ability to focus completely on your scene partner.


Psycho-kinetic techniques that rapidly control stress and calm your nerves to alleviate audition anxiety and stage fright. These “tips” can be used anytime - not just in acting situations.  


Cutting edge brain training techniques that vastly improves your memory and the ability to learn script lines faster.


How to use self-hypnosis and advanced goal setting techniques to continue your artistic growth, supercharge your confidence, and advance your acting career. 

I help you overcome your individual challenges and achieve your acting goals using a process called “Hypnotic Enhanced Performance.” 
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The Hypnotic Enhanced Performance process uses hypnosis along with traditional method acting techniques (Meisner, Adler, Strasberg) such as scene objectives, intentions, sense memory, emotional substitutions, and imaginative circumstances.


Hypnotic trance is used to increase focus and concentration to enhance and reinforce the effectiveness of these techniques.  The result is a more natural performance “in the moment.” 


Hypnosis has a proven track record for helping actors with a myriad of challenges such as stage fright, audition anxiety, speech problems, as well as memory blocks. Sean Penn, Kevin Costner, Sean Connery, Bruce Willis, Reece Witherspoon, Daryl Hannah, and Lily Tomlin are among the many actors who have used hypnosis to improve their careers.


I also teach several psycho-kinetic techniques such as Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), Eye Movement Desensitization Reconsolidation (EMDR) and Bi-lateral Stimulation.  These modalities are used in cutting edge psychotherapy, but are not yet widely used in acting training. 


They enable actors to take control of negative thoughts and emotions quickly so that fears and anxieties can be controlled for auditions and performances.  To help actors learn their lines more quickly, I teach the latest “brain hacks” that boost memory power and capacity.   




I’ve been a Director of Photography for over 35 years (23 feature credits) and I’ve been directing for over 25 years.  I trained in acting and directing actors under Judith Weston, the premier “directing actors” coach in Los Angeles.  I’ve taught numerous filmmaking classes at several colleges and universities.


I trained in hypnosis and other therapeutic techniques at the Northwest Hypnosis Institute so that I could better serve my performance coaching clients.  I’m certified as a Consulting Hypnotist by the National Guild of Hypnotists.


I’ve been active for several years as a performance coach and career mentor for aspiring filmmakers. One of my mentoring success stories is Kenny Allen. When I started working with him 5 years ago, he had never even used a video camera. This past year, he was the cinematographer on a documentary film called “Lifeboat” that was nominated for an Academy Award.

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Kenny Allen - Director of Photography

Academy Award Nomination - "Lifeboat"

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